Activities | Deeper Dive

1. Opposing Viewpoints

This book addresses the issue of immigration, migration, and refugees all of which are important topics in today’s world. Find out more by visiting the New Mexico State Library Gale In Context resources:

Can you think of other keywords to use in your research of these topics?

What did you learn from this resource? Anything you had not heard or seen before?

Did you get a sense of what opposing opinions are currently being expressed on these issues? What do you think and why?

2. Learning a New Language

In the book Jaime comes to a new country where his primary language, Spanish, is not spoken. He also meets another young boy, Sean, who speaks American Sign Language. Both boys face challenges in the world around them because not everyone speaks their language. They also find ways to connect beyond the bounds of language.

  • Have you ever been to a place where others did not speak your primary language? What challenges did you face because of that? Can you imagine what a challenge this would be for someone moving unexpectedly to a new country?
Try to learn some basic ASL

Did you know that sign language and the Spanish language vary from country to country?

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and some basic Spanish

3. Walk in Their Shoes

Are you trying to learn a new language?

Try to go through your entire day trying to use only the new language you are learning.

  • What do you find most difficult when trying to speak this new language to others?
  • How do others respond to you?
  • Does this activity change how you think about other people learning English as a second language?

4. Creative Communication

Jaime and Sean communicate through pictures; do you have other ways you are able to express yourself to those around you?

Draw a picture expressing your views on immigration, migration, or refugees.

Write a poem or song expressing your feelings.

Create a dance routine dresses these issues and share it with others.